Guest Blogging

Is guest blogging still a good idea? Maybe it still is, maybe it is not anymore. According to Matt Cutts, Google’s head of the web spam fighting team, SEO is not to be considered as spam (this was back in 2011). But now, in 2014, he stated that if anyone is still using guest blogging as a way to gain links, they should stop because over time, it is becoming a spam practice.

GEUST bloggingNow what is guest blogging? Guest blogging is where writers can submit or write an article on other blogs for marketing or advertising purposes. But wait, before going over the guest blogging thing and why it should be stopped, is there really a good and bad kind of SEO?

There are two types of SEO: the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO. Both type of SEO have different proponents and companies and websites tend to stay away from the dark-colored variety.

White Hat SEO is what utilizes techniques and methods to improve the search engine ranking of a website without violating a search engine’s guidelines, and this can help promote original SEO posts. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO exploits the weakness in the algorithms of search engines to obtain ranking for a website. This can cause a conflict and violation from search engine guidelines.

When using the White Hat SEO technique, expect that everything in the website will be of high quality. That is because White Hat SEO does not aim to be on top of the ranks, but aims to produce an informative and content-rich website for readers. White Hat SEO techniques include website HTML optimization and restructuring, high quality content development, and manual research and outreach. Black Hat SEO is the opposite. It does make the website be on the top ranks, but it will not be there for long. Using the technique can be quick and unpredictable, leaving your website and its articles to where it started than staying where it should be. It can violate search engine guidelines because Black at SEO includes keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden links and texts.

Most search engine optimization companies mainly operate using what they call Gray Hat search engine optimization. This does not cross over the Black Hat SEO, but are well aware of what can be considered as white hat search engine optimization. Gray Hat is recognizable because of its affordable pricing, since some SEO companies need to reduce cost by relying on techniques that are of question rather than those that are high quality.

Going back to guest blogging, White Hat and Black Hat SEO affect them by how they are written. Original SEO posts will not attract violations for the website, and that would mean the website should always be following the White Hat SEO technique (because quality over ranking).

Matt Cutts’s point is that we all cannot have nice things in SEO space because something starts out as a trend, then more people get into the trend until little or no tract at all of how authentic it used to be. This results to “guest post outsourcing”.

Now, guest blogging has also become a way for others to steal ideas from another. There are no original SEO posts in some websites, and this is becoming sad as it ruins the once good reputation of guest blogging and how it can help readers to be attentive and creative of what they are writing and going to read. It would terribly be such a waste of time and effort if, for example, something you wrote with all your heart was suddenly copied off by someone. That is not what original SEO posts are supposed to be, right? It should be something where your ideas and opinions of something are poured out and will be made into high-quality articles in a high-quality website.

More and more websites are in danger of becoming low-quality websites because of link spamming and broken links, leaving readers a choice of not going over the whole website.